About us

Money barbeque has been in the pig roasting business in the Lower Mainland for over 20 years. The glistening golden coat of our roast pig is our signature of the perfected art of roasting.

We start out by sourcing locally raised pigs from B.C.  Once in the hands of our Master Chef, the pig is transformed to a Lechon that is delicious with spectacularly crispy skin. The first bite is CRUUNCHY music to the ears. Using our proprietary recipe that includes lemongrass, garlic and black pepper, the aroma of lechon “just fresh out of the oven” is mouth watering. That crunchy bite, a judicious hand at seasoning, its golden honey skin are the hallmark of lechon excellence. 

Every single lechon roasted in our kitchen by our Master Chef receives great care, attention to detail and dedication. No less.

We serve all of  Vancouver  and beyond.